We are Bernard and Erin...parents to five fabulous kids. Five kids that have home educated for the past 5 + years.

We are not traditional homeschoolers or traditonal un-schoolers for that matter.  We simply believe that children (or adults) learn better in a relaxed environment with a "curriculum" that fits their likes, dislikes, personality, & abilities.

This site is a just some of the resources we have found to help our kids in their learning journey. These lists will continue to grow, so, keep checking back for new additions! 

If you have any questions, comments, your own resource you would like to share, please just send us an email. 

Thanks for stopping by!

Bernard - - the Dad/Certified Teacher for 20 + years/Lover of all things learning. 

Erin- - the Mom/Blogger/Lover of learning (and tacos 🌮)

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